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Vertech have been an official IRATA Member training company for over seven years. Our drive to continuously enhance IRATA Training standards is reflected in our ever-improving content and delivery methods and by regular training facility upgrades.

Our highly regarded trainers have a combined total of 30 years’ experience training Industrial Rope Access methods and techniques to techniques from onshore, offshore, oil and gas, mining and commercial operations. The diversity of sectors our candidates are drawn demands that we not only cover the IRATA syllabus but also cover practices relevant to specific scenarios technicians are likely to face in the field.

Rope Access is regarded as the safest and most dynamic method of working at heights. IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) sets the international benchmark for all matters related to Industrial Rope Access globally. As an IRATA approved operator and training company, Vertech provide Industrial Rope Access training and courses in accordance with IRATA guidelines and requirements ensuring candidates receive the highest quality training. Our trainers are extremely knowledgeable and active in the industry and provide the very best induction and training for your Rope Access career.

The Venue

Courses are held at our purpose-built training center, which is the largest Rope Access facility in Australia. The space has been specifically designed to simulate real-life scenarios you can expect to encounter within the Rope Access industry.

Vertech has experience of what your job in the field will look like; with this in mind, we designed our training facility to reflect a real work environment. The addition of a 25t crane boom, a pressure vessel, process piping and steel structures – with elements similar to those which you will find on a mine site or an offshore platform – provide a unique training environment that offers an insight into the challenges Rope Access technicians will face in the field both onshore and offshore.

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