Battle Against Single-Use Plastics

Vertech are starting our battle against single-use plastics and aim to remove them from our operations by 2019. The team are committed and passionate about doing our part for the environment with some great initiatives coming to the fore which we will share as we ramp up our campaign.


  • Plastic takes more than 400 years to degrade.
  • 300 Million tons of plastic is produced annually with 50% of it single-use.
  • An estimated 8 Million tons of plastic go into our oceans each year.
  • Its estimated that only 9% of single-use plastics get recycled globally.
  • Saving one plastic bottle saves enough energy to power a computer for 25 minutes.
  • 1 million sea creatures are killed by marine waste every year.

Gaining control of plastic waste is now such a large task that it calls for a comprehensive, global approach and we all need to get on board now.

An infographic for Vertech's campaign to remove single-use plastics from the company.

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