Geo Oceans

Geo Oceans develops industry-leading Asset Deployed Mini-ROV technology

Geo Oceans develops industry-leading Asset Deployed Mini-ROV technology.

The Mini ROV Class Survey System (CSS) has been developed to provide clients with reliable, safe and cost effective alternatives to traditional manned inspection or work-class ROV services.

Geo Oceans are an innovative subsea technology focused company. The Mini-ROV Class Survey System (CSS) consists of reliable, advanced sensor, tooling and manipulator ROV technology engineered and developed in-house  to offer clients high quality industry-leading subsea solutions which provides significant time and cost savings compared to traditional diver and work class ROV methods. Geo Oceans utilise cutting-edge technology previously unachievable using Mini-ROV systems, such as subsea tooling, cleaning, positioning and entire vessel class inspections.

Geo Oceans were acquired by Vertech in February 2016 to and are working collaboratively to provide specialist industry-leading and turnkey IMR services to our clients.

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