We wanted to recognise and thank our team who just completed yet another flare tip replacement with a perfect safety record, on time and on budget.  Great work guys !

We also wanted to thank the other specialists who we worked with and our client for great engagement and communication during planning and execution.

Congratulations to all for a job well done

We’ve previously shared some of our lessons learned around this specialist package but we’ve built on that and added an additional two learning we wanted to share

  • Selecting and engaging experienced and culturally aligned individuals, you know you can trust sets you up for success;
  • Having contingent skill sets (even if not required for the base scope) allows for adaptability and flexibility;
  • Early engagement in project planning is crucial;
  • Collaboration between all stakeholders is a must;
  • The better the project planning phase is the better your productivity on implementation is;
  • Engaging your front-line team delivering the project in the planning phase achieves unprecedented commitment to safety excellence and success in delivery;
  • Each flare comes with its own challenges, no flare or associated structure are ever the same;
  • Front-line leadership is the difference between a good project and a great project;
  • Even if you have the best available kit that’s brand new, always have contingencies available;
  • A good project close out needs the full suite of stakeholders to realise the value of your lessons learned going forward.

Team Vertech

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