Mini-ROV Inspection on One of The World’s Largest FPSOs

In December 2018 Vertech and Geo Oceans successfully completed a high profile asset deployed Mini-ROV inspection project which was extremely complex in nature. The project involved the inspection of both the internal and external of the FPSOs Riser Turret Mooring System.

mini-rov inspection on one of world's largest fpsos

mini-rov inspection on one of world’s largest fpsos

The project included effective management of a range of unique and challenging risk factors including performing all operations from within a zone rated and confined space area within the turret itself, and performing ROV inspection and NDT scopes both internal and external to the turret, including in extremely small spaces.



The ROVs successfully performed extremely restricted access inspections which were previously deemed un-inspectable. Geo Oceans successfully performed HD visual inspections, high pressure water blasting, rotary brush cleaning, proximity and impact CP, A range of NDT inspections, 3D modelling, inclinometer measurements and advanced NDT inspection assessments across a range of different internal and external structures and features.

mini-rov external inspection

mini-rov external inspection

We are pleased to have completed the project safely, without a single recordable incident, on time and on budget.

This project is a great demonstration of how the Mini-ROV CSS system can be used to change the way inspection tasks are performed and deliver operational, cost and safety benefits to our clients.

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