Mini-ROV Systems Project Completions

Vertech and Geo Oceans recently completed a full field survey using our Mini-ROV systems for one of our loyal clients.

During 2018 we have completed multiple diverse campaigns for this client:

  1. Calm buoy inspection completed from the FSO (no vessel)
  2. Asset platform inspection completed from the platform (no vessel)
  3. Full Field survey pipeline, wellhead and anchor inspections (from a small non-DP vessel)
  4. Seismic survey subcontracted EGS survey (from a small non-DP vessel).
Pipeline being surveyed by our Mini-ROV systems.

Pipeline being surveyed by our Mini-ROV systems.

Some more detailed project information can be found below along with a video link to some highlights captured during the projects.

Mini ROV Full Field Survey, calm buoy and platform jacket inspection

Asset / platform deployed Mini-ROV was used to inspect the underwater jacket structure using HD cameras, proximity and contact Cathodic Protection, and HP blasting tools.

The Mini-ROV was transferred to a small non-DP vessel to complete the full field survey from Calm Buoy, pipelines, well heads and anchors. The full field survey (including jacket) was completed in 18 days.

The Vertech & Geo Oceans Mini-ROV inspection technology has many benefits over traditional manned and remote inspections methods. With continuous innovation to our inspection service capability, the technology can also provide the following benefits:

  • Reduced Costs – 80-95% cheaper than divers or work class ROV’s
  • Elimination of Health and Safety Risk
  • Minimal Impact on Operations
  • High Quality Data and Reporting
  • Reduced Downtime

To find out more information on how we can help and what our Mini-ROV inspection services can provide for you, please get in touch via the contacts page.

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