Vertech Celebrates NAIDOC 2019 | Voice. Treaty. Truth.

Vertech acknowledges that we work on Whadjuk Noongar Country and that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples are the Traditional Custodians of Australia. Vertech acknowledges that NAIDOC is all about celebrating the world’s oldest surviving culture and the national NAIDOC 2019 theme is – Voice. Treaty. Truth. Let’s work together for a shared future.

This theme acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have always wanted an enhanced role in decision-making in Australia’s democracy.

NAIDOC 2019 national theme graphic

For generations, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have sought recognition of their unique place in Australian history and society today as the oldest continuing culture on the planet dating back over 65,000 years.

NAIDOC History

Throughout the 1900s various groups and associations engaged in boycotts and protests against the status and treatment of Indigenous Australians.

This led to one of the first major civil rights gatherings in the world, the Day of Mourning. This became an annual event held on the Sunday before Australia Day and was known as Aborigines Day and it grew into a celebration day.

Major Aboriginal organisations, state and federal governments and a number of other groups supported the formation of NADOC, the National Aborigines Day Observance Committee. The second Sunday in July also became a day of remembrance for Aboriginal people and their heritage.

By the mid 1970s the event had grown into a week long event and in the 1990s NADOC was expanded to recognise Torres Strait Islander people with NAIDOC, National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee, becoming the title for the whole week, not just the day.

This committee, made up of representatives from most States and Territories, continues to make key decisions on national celebrations to this day.

Vertech recognises the importance of NAIDOC and will continue to support it in any way we can.

More info regarding NAIDOC is available at the following website –

Let’s work together for a shared future.

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