Remote Digital Visual Inspection & Robotics

What is Remote Digital Visual Inspection (RDVI) ?

Remote Digital Visual Inspection or RDVI is the use and application of remote digital systems such as cameras, robots or crawlers to internally inspect and asses difficult to access areas such as pressure equipment without the need for intrusive inspections and the associated Confined Space Entry.

What are the Benefits of RDVI ?

  • Increased safety by reducing personnel exposure – Reduction in Confined Space Entry requirements
  • Reduction of shut down costs – Minimises plant preparation
  • Improved inspection repeatability – Reduction of shutdown times
  • Reduces intrusive inspections requirements
  • Reduction of permit and isolation’s
  • Increased inspection coverage – Improves maintenance planning
  • Using latest technology
  • Alignment with other Non Intrusive Inspection (NII) techniques

Where can i find out more ?

Our websites download section gives more details around the equipment, the service and its benefit.

Remote Digital Visual Inspection (RDVI) Carried Out Inside Pressure Vessel

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