Specialist Access Systems

Vertech specialise in supplying the safest, most cost, time and resource-efficient rope access systems and specialist height access solutions to our clients.

Vertech are renowned for advising and providing the best access systems for each individual application or solution for both rope access onshore and rope access offshore. Being a holistic access provider, we offer impartial advisory and implementation services to drive safety efficiency, cost, time and resource savings to our valued clients, potentially saving 30% on the cost with 40% time saved in comparison to traditional scaffold solutions.

At the heart of our operations lies rope access, which supports our access solutions, rigid decking, tensioned netting, engineered decking, web deck systems, V-DECK, scaffolding and custom built access platforms; services which can all be engineered and designed specifically for each application. Our engineered decking can encompass a fully encapsulated habitat that contains any airborne contaminants from personnel operating in the immediate environment. In addition to these specialist height access solutions, we have a strong pedigree in providing Confined Space Entry services, often in conjunction with one or multiple access systems we provide.

Often referred to as industrial abseiling, our rope access, confined space entry services and access solutions are renowned where we are based in Perth, Western Australia but we also operate extensively further afield, including in Queensland, Darwin and New Zealand

Our in-house engineering capabilities allow us to customise designs, troubleshoot and approve changes without unnecessary delays. Once our access systems are in place, our IRATA certified technicians or our client’s personnel can deliver our full range of inspection, maintenance, upgrade or decommissioning services.

Maintenance being completed at a Jetty and Wharf using a suspended V-deck access system, complete with fall protection netting.

Maintenance being carried out on Jetty & Wharf using the suspended V-deck system, complete with fall protection netting.

Our track record and experience allow us to deliver a best in class solution and has seen our reputation grow as the leader of offshore rope access companies in Perth and throughout Australia.

A specialist access system using tensioned netting installed on an offshore platform which allowed for the technicians to complete riser inspection & maintenance services.

Specialist Access Netting System installed on an offshore platform which allowed for the technicians to complete riser inspection & maintenance services.

For more information on how we can help and provide you with a specialist access solution, please get in touch via the contacts page on this website.

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