Integrity Management

Integrity Management is at the very heart of everything Vertech does. From Non-intrusive Inspection (NII) to Risk-based Inspection (RBI), we offer a full range of asset integrity services.

Vertech are one of the leading integrity management companies in the Southern Hemisphere. We offer a host of packages designed to assist clients with managing their assets through the application of best practice engineering principles and high quality bespoke solutions.

From high-level corporate strategies – through to detailed engineering analysis, inspection planning and implementation – Vertech have the capability and expertise to provide support at all stages of the asset integrity management cycle.

Our highly skilled team have extensive Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) experience and an unrivalled track record making us the partner of choice for many of the leading Mining, Oil & Gas, Defence and Power Services contractors Australia-wide.

Vertech’s advanced Risk-Based Inspection processes allow us to quickly identify and asses industrial risk which may compromise the integrity of vital equipment and structures – such as pipelines. We use this analysis to provide bespoke asset integrity management strategies for clients.

Our groundbreaking Non intrusive inspection (NII) strategies allow us to assess clients assets and networks with absolutely minimal interruption to operation. With no internal entry or unearthing of assets required, downtime is minimised delivering huge financial benefits to our valued clients.

Vertech employees employing an Advanced NDT Inspection as part of the Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS)

Advanced NDT Inspection employed as part of the Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS).

The Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS) employed by Vertech provides a holistic, systematic approach that ensures assets are maintained fit-for-purpose throughout their lifecycle. This ensures assets are able to perform their required function effectively and efficiently whilst minimising costly unscheduled shutdowns, risks to personnel, plant and the environment.

Our Vision

  • Holistic, systematic approach
  • Best practice engineering
  • Bespoke solutions that are: Intelligent – Efficient – Timely – Practical

Based on Asset Management principles of ISO 55000.

  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Assessment

If you’d like to find out more about our Integrity Management systems and services, please feel free to get in touch via the contacts page.

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