Mini ROV Solutions

Geo Oceans are innovators in subsea Mini ROV technology and experienced offshore operators, working together to offer industry-leading subsea inspection and survey services.

Geo Oceans – which was acquired by Vertech in February 2016 and is a fully owned subsidiary – is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative Mini ROV technology. Our sector leading Mini ROV inspection systems are deployed to provide clients with specialist class inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) solutions and services.

The Mini ROV Class Survey System (CSS) consists of reliable, advanced sensor, tooling and manipulator ROV technology engineered and developed in-house by Geo Oceans to offer clients high quality, industry-leading inspection and subsea survey solutions. Our cutting-edge methods provide significant time and cost savings compared to traditional diver and work class ROV techniques.

Geo Oceans utilise pioneering, state-of-the-art technology using Mini ROV systems, to carry out subsea: tooling; cleaning; positioning; ballast tank inspections; as well a entire vessel class inspections. Our innovative and award-winning technology is also widely in demand for subsea pipeline inspection, subsea survey, UWILD inspection and UWILD survey.

A Subsea Ballast Tank Class Society Inspection being carried out by our innovative Mini ROV.

Mini ROV performing a Subsea Ballast Tank Class Society Inspection.

As a sector-leader, Geo Oceans are constantly undertaking research and development – particularly in the area of subsea tools – to help us improve the accuracy and operational limits of our ROVs and towed camera systems. The tools include visual and non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection sensors, cleaning tools and manipulators to control the sensors and stabilise the ROV to the structure.

The (CSS) enables our skilled pilots to achieve a level of dexterity and control previously not available on Mini ROVs in challenging off-shore environments. Thus, the small ROV technology can outperform divers, manned and larger ROV systems for a fraction of the cost. The equipment is designed for simple and efficient integration, replacement and repair to maximise the time the ROV is in the water.

Please contact us to discuss your subsea inspection or survey solution and Mini ROV inspection requirement.

Alternatively, view the Geo Oceans Capability Statement for more information.

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