Vertech Group Climb to New Heights in NZ

We are delighted to announce that Vertech Group have acquired a majority shareholding of Abseil Access NZ. With offices located in Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch, Abseil Access service and operate across the whole of Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Abseil Access were the first responders to the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake measured at a magnitude of 7.8 (Mw), working tirelessly and drawing on their full range of geotechnical expertise in engineering, explosives, drilling, scaling and netting; using helicopters and a twin rope system to access their worksites. The video below provides more details of The Kaikoura Project.

Other recent projects include the design and construction of 53 unique bridges across the country, being engaged to use their explosive expertise to demolish New Zealand’s second tallest structure and this year completing an innovative collaboration with Trustpower, ReGenerate, Southern QA and Corrosion Control Engineers installing the world’s first ICCP (impressed current cathodic protection) in a fresh water hydro pipe.

Managing Director Tom Brennan saidI’m delighted to have the AA team joining the Vertech Group; they have genuine passion and a real care for their people and the environment so culturally we’re a good fit. The bringing together of Vertech and AA from an operational perspective strengthens both businesses’, especially Vertech NZ and our East Coast operations as it aligns with our diverse client base in those regions while adding a strong management team with a great depth of experience”

Managing Director Martin Wilson stated “I’m very proud of the position Abseil Access holds in the NZ market and after 26 years of working in the rope access industry it is great to be recognized for our strengths. I enjoy our diversity of skills and the way our project managers and working teams embrace them. With Vertech behind us I expect to grow into the next phase of our business incorporating specialist inspection with civil construction plus the usual mix of conservation work, lighthouse maintenance and geotechnical. I look forward to working with Tom and Andy and showing them how we roll!”

Operations Director Andy McKenzie statedThis is an milestone acquisition for the group in New Zealand. The potential collaborations, and joint opportunities between the 2 companies are vast and the amount of talent coming together as one is exciting. Martin and DJ founded their business on similar values to ours, so the cultural alignment is already there. The crews that run their projects are legends in their own right; safety focused, stoic, proud of the many wins they have daily, constantly staying ahead of the game with new tech and challenging the conventional systems of work that govern kiwi industry. The AA crew do not shy away from hard work and they make it look easy. I’m really excited to get behind this and see where we can take it.”

To find out more about Abseil Access visit their website –


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