Vertech Group New Brand | View It At AOG 2019

Vertech Group and our Sister company care greatly for the experience our clients and staff attain from us and we strive for an association of Care, Quality, Dedication and Passion. We feel a “brand” is the emotional and psychological association that a person makes with your business, its people and its service.

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well – Jeff Bezos

As each business within our group have a shared vision around the experience attained by our clients and our people, we wanted the visual association of our businesses to also be a shared one. We’re excited to announce that on the 13th of March Vertech Group, Sonomatic, GeoOceans, Vertech NZ, Vertech USA, Inspection associates inc and QA-VS will adopt a new look logo that reflects the core values of each of our businesses.

A paramount focus for us was that we not just maintained but developed each of our unique specializations, retained the pride and loyalty associated with each business while fostering and growing our group and our people through closer association, collaboration and team work.

aog 2019 social media graphic

Our new logo and look will be there for all to see at the upcoming Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition and conference (AOG), Come visit us at stand H18 and say hello.

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